Impact noise is the structural airborne sound radiated in an enclosure by a wall or floor of a building when it is structurally excited by common activities such as footsteps, slamming doors, furniture movement, among others.

The objective of acoustic insulation to impact noise is to cut the path of transmission of vibrations the interposition of elastic and absorbent materials.

At Grupo Flexicel, we are aware of the importance of minimizing impact noise in spaces, which is why we collaborate with many manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials to offer tailored acoustic solutions.

Below, we list some examples of applications for various sectors in which we are present, as well as recommendations for some of our products. Contact us to find out more about our full range.


Considering that the transmission of noise occurs through the air, especially in large rooms, acoustic barriers must be put in place to achieve the correct acoustic conditioning and neutralize the unwanted structural noise that is transmitted through the cladding, walls, floors and ceiling. At Grupo Flexicel we manufacture custom-made parts for profiles, separation tapes for partitions, weatherstripping for sealing enclosures, parts for cladding, plates for laminated subfloors, etc.


The footsteps, the impact of objects against the ground, the vibrations caused by the start-up of machinery (elevators, washing machines, etc.) and in general all noise caused by a direct impact with a construction element generates a series of vibrations that are spread throughout the structure. These impact noises can be minimized by applying self-adhesive weatherstripping to doors and windows, and by installing flexible foam blankets on cladding and false ceilings. We have all these solutions in our portfolio.


In the joints where different construction elements are joined, a greater transmission of sound can be observed. With the PURASYS product range from our partner Kraiburg it is possible to achieve a high level of sound insulation without much effort.
High-tech polyurethane elastomers are used to isolate and / or dampen vibration levels. PURASYS elastomers offer outstanding characteristics as compression and pressure load dampers.

Our recommended solutions

Flexicel UF

Removable adhesive system for flooring on existing surfaces.

Impacto Cel

Polyethylene product for noise impact reduction.


EPDM heavy layer solutions.

Polyethylene (PE)



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