Flexibility and versatility define us as a company, and it is reflected in our range of technical foam products.

We have our own product families, which are classified by presentation mode or range: Flexiband®, Flexiroll®, Flexilam® and Flexiform.

We also have our own product brands based on the raw material they are made of and the sector they are dedicated to: Flexitect® and Impacto-Cel.

The solutions that we manufacture at Grupo Flexicel are: custom-made pieces, weatherstripping, reels and spools, tapes of various widths and materials, small and large-size rolls, self-supporting sheet plates and accessories.

All solutions can be delivered in a standard format, or in a self-adhesive version. We select the adhesive that best suits the solution.



Flexiband is the most iconic product family of the Flexicel Group. Identifies products supplied in the form of a weatherstrip, band or tape, with or without adhesive. We have several presentations and are manufactured with most of our raw materials.


Flexiroll is Grupo Flexicel's family of laminated products supplied in roll form. This design allows the application of large pieces in one go, avoiding unnecessary joints. It can be supplied in large (jumbo) or smaller reels for easy handling in space-constrained locations.


Flexilam corresponds to the Flexicel product format that is supplied in sheet form with a square or rectangular design. Thanks to the most innovative Flexicel Group technologies, they can be supplied in a wide variety of shapes, thicknesses and dimensions that adapt to the needs of the installation.


Flexiform encompasses the range of products made up of cut or die-cut pieces. Depending on their nature or final application, they can be supplied individually, in roll form and pre-cut with adhesive (kiss cut), in small packs or formats.


We manufacture and market products of the highest quality.
Under the motto “one raw material for various applications”, our R+D+I department tests and tries the raw materials used to design innovative products.

Thanks to our good and long-standing relationship with our partners, we also offer customized solutions from our trusted suppliers Dirak, SealedAir, Kraiburg Purasys and BASF.


DIRAK GmbH designs and develops innovative mechanical and electromechanical solutions for hardware, both locks and profiles as well as hinges.
Its products are used all over the world in multiple fields of application. We can find them in distribution cabinets, industrial enclosures, means of transport and various machinery.


Whisper® is a closed cell polyethylene foam product developed to improve acoustic comfort in interior and exterior applications from our trusted manufacturer SealedAir.
This material is easy to handle and install, maintains its structure in humid environments, saving time and resources. We have the standard versions and those with UV resistance. The BIM object is available on our page at


Vibrafoam is a cellular elastomer made from a special type of high-tech polyether-urethane. Elastomeric dampers are used in mechanical engineering and the construction industry to isolate and/or dampen vibration levels. PURASYS Vibrafoam elastomers exhibit outstanding characteristics as shock and compression load absorbers. We have 13 different references.


Vibradyn is a closed cell elastomer and is made from a special type of polyether-urethane for high demands. Due to its structure, this material hardly absorbs liquids and can therefore be used for pressing groundwater and building foundations. There are 5 basic types of material.


We will be happy to help you find the perfect solution.

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