• Very flexible materials.
  • With good recovery against compression forces.
  • Normally closed cell
  • Low water absorption.
  • Good resistance to acids and weather (EPDM)
  • Good resistance to oils (CR)
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation, self-extinguishing material (NBR + PVC)

Polyethylene foams (PE)

  • Normally closed cell.
  • They present low water absorption.
  • They are highly resistant to chemical agents and weathering.
  • With very good mechanical properties.
  • Inert materials that prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria

Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

  • Semi-closed cell materials.
  • Great resistance to chemical agents.
  • Good fire resistance.
  • Exceptional adaptation to surface irregularities.
  • Tightness by applying compression between 30% and 70% of the volume.

Textile fibers

  • Made of cotton, wool or synthetic materials.
  • Its technical properties can be improved by inserting additives or treatments.
  • Resistance to abrasion and fire.
  • Good acoustic properties.


Polyurethanes are generally open cell foams.
They have a wide variety of applications and through transformation processes their technical characteristics can be improved or modified. 
Available subfamilies:

  • Ether base, Great resistance to humidity and water.
  • Ester base, Great resistance to oils and ultraviolet rays (UV).

Ceramic fibers

Ceramic fiber papers are made from high purity refractory (aluminum silicate) fibers and are specially designed for high temperature insulation.

Advanced production techniques ensure uniform fiber distribution, resulting in optimum thickness and density control.

We can supply a wide variety of Flexiband, Flexiroll and Flexilam with this material.


Aerogel is a gel-like colloidal substance, in which the liquid component is replaced by a gas, resulting in a very low-density, highly porous solid. It is considered the lightest solid material in the world, since more than 90% of its volume is empty space. It has exceptional thermal and acoustic properties.

For years we have collaborated with the world's leading manufacturer of aerogel blankets, Aspen Aerogels, with which we can provide a wide variety of products and custom parts for very high or very low temperature applications.

Melamine foam

Melamine foam is an open-cell, flexible, flame-resistant, low-weight material with good thermal and acoustic insulation that retains these properties under a wide temperature range.

We supply these acoustic panels customized in terms of thickness and shape under the Flexitect® brand, and they are recommended for installation in any space where reverberation and noise reduction is needed, especially at medium and high frequencies. We obtain this raw material from our trusted collaborator BASF, under the Basotect® brand.


We have a wide range of adhesives to be able to adapt to the application needs of our materials.

We have fixing, removable and repositionable adhesives. We have a wide range of solvent-based and water-based adhesives. We also have acrylic and rubber-based adhesives. Consult with our team to find out more.

Our products

We have a wide range of products and solutions for each type of need. Our product families are made up of various raw materials and we can offer very versatile formats and ranges.


Our most important value proposal is to be flexible and adapt to the needs of our markets and customers. That is why in our portfolio we have a wide variety of products and solutions. From products for acoustic conditioning, thermal insulation, sealing solutions or active and passive protection.


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