The versatility and customization of our wide range of products allows us to provide solutions for most sectors: industrial, transport, construction, OEM, renewable energies, oil and gas, etc. We offer customized products in a wide variety of materials and formats: weatherstrips, tapes, sheets or rolls, die-cut pieces, and 3D components. 

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Industrial sector

Our presence in the industrial sector is extensive and we develop solutions for various sub-segments and applications.
Whether acting as a supplier of components for manufacturers or the consumer sector, equipment manufacturers, general and process industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.


Another of our main sectors is transport. We offer solutions and products for the automotive sector, the railway segment (trains and infrastructure), we create components and insulation for public transport and special vehicles.


We supply insulation solutions for the industrial, commercial and residential construction sector, whether for thermal, sealing or acoustic applications. Our products can be installed in facade and cladding systems, ceilings, floors and enclosures.

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Oil & gas

The oil and gas industry presents some of the most difficult operating environments in the world for equipment and workers.

With ultra-thin and light thermal insulation solutions for refineries, LNG and petrochemical plants, we avoid heat loss, maximizing energy efficiency and taking advantage of the most complex spaces in the facilities. Flexicel's customized solutions help minimize costs and maintenance requirements, while helping to maintain long-term facility performance. For high temperature system applications, aerogel solutions help keep equipment dry longer and improve protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI). 

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a buffer against heating and the cheapest source of electricity in history, so it is not surprising that companies like Google, Tesla or the big airlines are betting on it all over the world. In addition, we are experiencing a global need for the population to live in a more ecological way. Solar panels and photovoltaic systems are in full expansion in our country. In addition, solar thermal energy is fundamentally used for the generation of domestic hot water (DHW) although it can also be used as a heating method, for example, through radiant floors. We have customized and specific solutions for this sector and applications. 


By working closely with our customers, we are able to supply customized and specialized products for a wide variety of applications. We achieve this by adapting and developing products for a specific market and application, ensuring that a product or solution is easy to install. We offer acoustic, thermal, sealing and sealing, protection and filtration solutions.


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