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At Flexicel, we develop innovative products to make life easier for users. Products that are easy to install, economical and environmentally friendly.

We work with the following materials: Polyethylene foams, foamed rubbers, PUR, PVC foams, Aerogels, Adhesives, Melamine foams, Textile derivatives, Films, Heavy masses.


Flexiprot is Grupo Flexicel's main product for passive protection. It is an innovative elastomer ideal for its flexibility and high impact absorption. It consists of an outer protective film that prevents the loss of color that can be caused by chafing.

It is a material resistant to water and extreme temperatures. Its surface is washable and it has an extra-strong adhesive that is resistant to solvents. The design and color of the film is 100% customizable. Specially developed for those areas that must be protected from impacts (parking spaces, industrial sites, etc.).


Flexicel Under Floor is a continuous and flexible floor fixing system that is easy to install dry over existing flooring. It is removable piece by piece, regardless of the size or shape of the floor to be installed.

Flexicel UF is a sheet in a roll that has on one of its faces an adhesive covered by a disposable protective sheet; on its surface it contains removable lace circles that can be attached tightly to the punched perforations of the blanket.

Compatible flooring systems: ceramic, marble, PVC, carpet and parquet.


Flexitect is the family of products for technical applications in the construction sector and also in industrial environments. The base material is Basotect® melamine foam from our trusted manufacturer BASF and is used as a fire-retardant acoustic absorber. They are very light and self-supporting products supplied in sheet form or customizable pieces.


Flexitect G+ AIG is the product specially designed for railway applications. It is a solution that meets the R1 requirements, with an HL3 result in compliance with the EN 45545-2:2013 standard. The system consists of low-density melamine foam, aluminum foil, and fiberglass mesh. This material can be supplied in thicknesses from 3mm. Tests available upon request.


Impacto cel is a closed cell extruded polyethylene foam product, black in color and in thicknesses from 10mm to 50mm. It has an impact noise insulation capacity, achieving a reduction of more than 20 dB. It has a very high resistance to deformation, does not absorb water or humidity and its properties are maintained over time.


Flexiband CTR is the evolution of the traditional Flexiband spool. The silicone film on the opposite side provides greater resistance to tears and breakage, both in the application itself and in subsequent handling. It is not necessary to have additional mechanisms for removing the adhesive protector, saving installations and minimizing the risk of machine stoppages by reducing mechanical elements that may have malfunctions.

*Only available Flexiband CTR made of polyethylene.


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