Grupo Flexicel at DAKAR 2024


In this session that began on January 5, we can say that in some way Grupo Flexicel is there supporting the KH7 Ecovergy Team and in particular its 3 participants; Jordi Juvanteny, Jose Luis Criado and Xavi Ribas.

The products supplied on this occasion will allow its 3 members to rest inside the truck in a more comfortable way. It was the only request from one of its participants, Jordi Juvanteny, to our company since he knew that we were willing to help them with any thermal, acoustic or sealing element that we could provide with our technical foam solutions.

Taking into account the ties of friendship and closeness with their family, we feel grateful for the opportunity to help them and their way of compensating us by having us attached to the Mirrors of their Truck is more than notable.

We also share with your KH-7 Ecovergy Team its concern for Sustainable Development and the way in which they face the Adventure.

For this reason, it must be said that in the Dakar Rally there are two ways to face the adventure: accept the challenge and enter the desert to try to emerge from it with your suitcase full of experiences, or raise the bar and dare with innovative projects that add an extra difficulty to one of the toughest engine tests in the world. The KH-7 ECOVERGY Team has opted for the latter with its innovative hydrogen/HVO hybrid fuel system (renewable diesel from hydrotreated vegetable oil) that already made history last January by completing the race.

 Taking into account his more than notable experience in the Dakar with more than 30 participations and the enormous prestige he has among all the members of that Great Family, we are sure that he will meet his objectives. Good luck to the entire KH-7 Ecovergy Team! 

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