FlexiBox, Insulating casing for heat exchanger


Now that Christmas is approaching, at Flexicel we have invested many hours to provide you with an innovative gift: the patented launch of FlexiBox, an insulating casing for heat exchangers that creates a perfect vapor barrier. 

With FlexiBox we offer a new solution for thermal insulation in HVAC systems. It has innovative features such as rapid installation, reuse and reduction of reverberations in HVAC equipment. FlexiBox offers an efficient and low-cost solution for thermal insulation. 

Due to reduced mold costs, we can offer much faster and more economical design development than the competition. The resulting product has been developed seeking to occupy as little space as possible, and at the same time facilitates quick and easy assembly. With FlexiBox, we offer our customers the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of their HVAC systems, as well as improve the effectiveness of their effective thermal insulation and create a perfect vapor barrier. 

At Flexicel we continue and will continue to innovate in new products committed to sustainability and energy efficiency.

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